Monday, May 4, 2009

Zombies zombies everywhere

Examining the Zombie zeitgeist.

Our friends at the Chicago Tribune have written a nice piece on what they call "The year of the Zombie."

For instance, Chicago's WildClaw Theatre, which specializes in live horror plays, is currently producing "The Revenants" at the Angel Island Theater in Lakeview. It features two couples beset by zombies, and how the crisis tests their resolve.

"One of the strangest things I've noticed are the couples on their way out of the play," said WildClaw managing director Brian Amidei. "I've heard them whispering about the 'zombie conversation,' which is basically a twisted variation of the DNR conversation. Do Not Resuscitate. Except we have wives telling husbands: 'If I'm bitten by a zombie, shoot me in the head.'

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