Monday, May 25, 2009

The Revenants Is Over

Laura Hooper and Brian Amidei in The Revenants

We would like to thank everyone who came to our latest production, The Revenants by Scott T. Barsotti, as directed by Anne Adams. We will be posting many photos of the show later today. For those of you who tried to get tickets the last couple of weeks and found The Revenants to be sold out, please come see our future productions early. We want you to see our shows.

And thank you to Rich and everyone at Angel Island Theater for being such great hosts.


Trelbee said...

You've set a new standard of excellence for youselves with The Revenants! It was thrilling, spooky, a little funny and very heartbreaking... not your average zombie story! I look forward to coming to all your future shows.

Charlie said...

Thanks, Trelbee! We will try to keep everyone informed on new stuff from WildClaw. Check us out here at BLOOD RADIO for news and exclusive stuff like interviews and follow us on Twitter - for specials and events like Zombie bowling and DEATHSCRIBE '09.