Tuesday, May 5, 2009

The Mammals present DEVIL'S DON'T FORGET

Bob Fisher and our blood brethren over at The Mammals are tearing up the horror stages in May as well. If you're reading this and you're a WildClaw fan, then these guys are your kind of fun. Check 'em out.

And don't just take our word for it - TimeOut Chicago loves 'em too:

http://chicago.timeout.com/articles/theater/74273/devils-dont-forget-at-the-mammals-theate r-review

DEVILS DON'T FORGET – An amnesiac tries desperately to not remember his past, convinced that he was an accessory to some unspeakable evil. But his amnesia provides no refuge when devils he had hoped to forget return to collect their due. Inspired by 50’s hardboiled noir as well as classic Grand Guignol, DEVILS DON'T FORGET is an atmospheric descent into a metropolis populated with Femme Fatales, Punch Drunk Gangsters, and Shadowy Figures seemingly supernatural. It is the story of a man who tries to escape a demonic global conspiracy using self induced amnesia.

DEVILS DONT FORGET is the second of three plays in a cycle entitled THE NOIR TRIPTYCH. Part One was BREED WITH ME, originally presented in Spring of 2003 (Highly Recommended, Chicago Reader). Part Three, THE MEATLOCKER is currently targeted to premiere in winter of 2009.

Cast: Dennis Frymire, Susan Myburgh, Don Hall, Gabe Garza, Nicolle Van Dyke, Katherine Swan, Anya Clingman, and Adam Dodds

Director: Bob Fisher
Asst Director: Brian Seitel
Costume Design: Sarah Elizabeth Miller

To find out more go to the Mammals blog at http://themammals.blogspot.com

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Dennis Frymire said...

Thanks for the shout out! I'll be out to check out The Revenants next week.