Thursday, June 28, 2012

Convention Craziness? Schmoozing with the Stars?

Whatever your preference, the folks behind Days of the Dead have you covered. With upcoming conventions slated for Indianapolis, Chicago, Atlanta and Los Angeles, there seems to be no stopping these guys. When you've got big names like Danny Trejo, John Waters and Patty Mullen (YES!!! FRANKENHOOKER) on board in Indianapolis next weekend, and Elvira, Heather Langenkamp, and Chris Sarandon for Chicago, you know this is going to be one wild & crazy ride!

As an added bonus of awesomeness, admission is free for Military personell and children under 10 years of age! Start saving hour pennies and packing your bags!

Days of the Dead upcoming dates:
Indianapolis: July 6-8, 2012
Chicago November 16-18, 2012
Atlanta: March 1-3, 2013
Los Angeles: April 5-7, 2013

Monday, June 25, 2012

Presidential History

Just so's you know:  WildClaw Theatre isn't just about fun and games and blood and guts.  We're also edumacational.  Here's a link to something over at with some American history I'll bet you didn't know.

The Secret Histories of Other U.S. Presidents

Monday, June 18, 2012

Bulgarian Vampires Found!

Bulgarian Vampires

Check it people.

The Bulgarians are looking to capitalize on some long dead would-be creatures of the night. The Pagan ritual of impaling was very popular amongst scared folk who thought their loved ones might resurrect themselves and come looking for good eats.

The Natural History Museum in Sofia will be displayed some of these poor suckers.

Do forgive the pun.

Friday, June 15, 2012

Lego Monster Fighters and Monsters!

Stumbled upon these beauties in the target toy aisle last night.  Oh my stars and garters are they adorable!  I love the steampunk vibe of the monster fighters as well.  So very cool.  Get them all for your littlest hell beast.

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Ax-Wielding Abe

This film adaptation of Seth Grahame-Smith’s novel is top on my list of s*** I can’t wait to see this summer.   I’m mesmerized by that sexy weapon work.  Swing that ax, Abe, swing it good.

While Grahame-Smith’s Pride and Prejudice and Zombies is getting its own film adaptation soon, I’m looking forward to more horror-flavored improvements on the great figures of American history. 
Possibly JFK and the Cuban Mutant Crisis or An American Werewolf in the Pentagon?

Friday, June 8, 2012

Hell has frozen over.

I can't believe it, but they're finally doing a "remake" that I'm 100% behind.  Even excited for.
Stephen King's IT

Probably has something to do with the fact that it's not really a remake.  IT only ever went to miniseries fame and never got to the big screen.  So woo hoo!  Though it will be VERY hard to top Tim Curry as Pennywise.  I'd say just cast him again, dammit!  I can even get behind the idea that it's going to be two movies because this is my favorite King book, and I would be extremely pleased if nothing at all was cut out.

Of course I have the normal amount of trepidation when it comes to books I love being put into Hollywood hands.  But most of all I'm just very happy.  I could even stand seeing the weird, let-down King ending on the big screen!  Bring on the world turtle and the giant spider!

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Come on, get your necronom' on.

There's no reason I should only just now be finding this, but it should be shared nonetheless.

Enjoy Cthulhu Blues, the long lost recording.

According to the delightful flavor text:

In 2010 an old 78 rpm recording washed up on the recently night-black shores of New Orleans.... Cthulhu Blues was performed by Blind Lemon Jermyn sometime in 1938 and was recorded for posterity by E. "Scooter" Zann, Jr. 

X Minus 1

In memory of Ray Bradbury, someone has shared with me a link of archived audio files of the old radio program X Minus 1.  Within their broadcasts exist a good handful of Bradbury stories, so take your time and browse around here.  I'm going to fire one up while I'm doing housework today...

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Ray Bradbury passes

Sadness.  I was surprised to hear he was only 91.  felt like he'd been around for centuries.  his writing WILL be around for centuries.

when we do finally land on Mars,  whatever wonders we find there will pale in comparison to the dreamscapes of the Chronicles.
"Martian Chronicles is not science fiction, it's fantasy. It couldn't happen, you see? That's the reason it's going to be around a long time -- because it's a Greek myth, and myths have staying power."  -Bradbury, 1999

so now Shadow Show will be a post-humous tribute.  sadly fitting.  one can see the editor (and DeathScribe 2008 celebrity judge) Mort Castle at the Printers Row Lit Fest, Sunday the 10th.  At the Horror Writers Association booth.

Photo: Jane Castle

Coming July 2012 ... SHADOW SHOW: ALL-NEW STORIES IN CELEBRATION OF RAY BRADBURY. Contributors include Margaret Atwood, Dave Eggers, Harlan Ellison, Neil Gaiman, Joe Hill, David Morrell, Kelly Link, Bonnie Jo Campbell, Robert McCammon, Jacquelyn Mitchard, Alice Hoffman, Ramsey Campbell, Audrey Niffenegger -- and more! With an introduction by Ray Bradbury.. Edited by Sam Weller and Mort Castle

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Slayathon 2012- 6/16 Watch Buffy All Day to help Make-a-Wish Kids!

10th Annual Slay-A-Thon
Make-A-Wish Foundation Benefit

Saturday, June 16, 2012
11:30 AM – Midnight

Dave & Buster’s Gold Coast – Showroom
1030 N. Clark Street (Clark at Oak)
Chicago, Illinois

I have been going to this event for years.  It is great fun and all for a good cause.  Scurry up some donations...even a little helps but you would be surprised at how generous people are when it comes to Make a Wish kids...and then come on down for a day of buffy and angel viewing.  There are auctions and contests and even some tasty food treats.  If you can't go...considering donating via paypal.  Tell them Alyrenee sent you in the notes section of paypal!

Monday, June 4, 2012

This Public Government Denial Scares Me.

The CDC has officially denied the existence of Zombies.  Which pretty much means, they DO exist, right?  Get the details from this HuffPost story.

Aly, WildClaw's fearless leader, has always encouraged us to get our Zombie Attack Plan in order, because, you never know...  My plan is to kick zombie ass.  What's yours?

Friday, June 1, 2012

Best Movie Weekend Ever!- Snow White & Prometheus

I am thinking that sunday might be spent in a dark there are not one but TWO movies I am dying to see: Prometheus and Snow White and the Huntsman.  First both movies contain ridiculously hot men. Christopher Hemsworth, aka olde abs forsoothing of yumminess and Michael Fassbender...who might just make my List after this film.  (His turn as the double agent in Inglorious Bastards was sooo good and his Magneto...well I need only say wetsuit....yum).

Anyway, we are talking about horror here as well.  Snow White & the Hunstmen, based on the trailers, seems to be taking the fairy tale to a dark place.  The visuals from the trailer and stills look stunning.  I believe Colleen Atwood did the costumes.  She is Tim Burton's go-to designer and such a perfect choice for a dark fantasy film.  If the movie is half as gory as the original Grimm tales, then we will at least get some bloody hearts, poisonings, some dead virgins, and dwarves.  Sounds like a horror movie to me.
The Prometheus film...that may or may not be an Alien prequel...has a killer cast.  Charlize Theron is the luckiest babe in Hollywood right now to be competing against herself this weekend.  Idris Elba, Noomi Rapace, and oh yeah...MICHAEL FASSBENDER as an android no less.  The trailer gets my blood pumping and my palms sweaty.  Nothing like a good summertime chest burster.  Plus it looks like we get some all new tall white creepy guys...and hopefully the traditional Giger cockroach aliens.

So grab some popcorn, sneak some Junior Mints into your purse and head to your movie theatre.  Then let your pals at WildClaw know what you thought about these films.  And give my love to Mr. Fassbender if you see him...