Friday, May 8, 2009

Miss Summer Horror Event Films? Sam Raimi to the Rescue!

Sigh...I wish there was a summer horror film that would get me jazzed the way flicks like Star Trek and Harry Potter do. I saw Star Trek last night and it was tremendous fun...totally entertaining, suspenseful, and appealed to all my trek geekiness without pissing me off (unlike Wolverine...). I guess it's harder to make any horror film an "event film". Nowadays horror movies rarely have a respectable budget and the star power to bring people out in droves. But it wasn't always like that. New York audiences waited for up to four hours in the middle of winter to see The Exorcist! And remember a little film called Jaws?

The last horror movie I remember catching in the summer was Event Horizon...which I liked for the way it mixed a very Clive Barker-esque horror fantasy with a dash of the Shining all set in Space. What's not to like?

But wait...there's hope yet kids...the dark horse in the running is Sam Raimi's Drag Me To Hell opening May 29th! I am getting excited for this one...the cast looks solid and who doesn't think a gypsy with a dead eye is creepy? Not me my friends.

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vicjoy1945 said...

This trailer looks damn good !! But they're soooooo good at making trailers these days !! I enjoyed the new Star Trek movie and the "new" actors are excellent. I loved Shaun...err...Scotty !! But the jury is out on the whole "time twist" thing with out giving too much away...we'll see !!