Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Rock out with SAVINI EFFECT!

We met the cool cats of Milwaukee's SAVINI EFFECT at Fangoria a couple months back, where they passed along a sampler DVD of their tunes. Good stuff, o my blood brothers...

SAVINI EFFECT is: Paul Schell - electric guitar, effects; Rich Schell - electric guitar, effects/ Nick Wojtal - bass guitar, effects/ Paul Farvour - drums, synthesizer

This is a band that is fueled by two things: horror films and themes from horror films. Once you submerge yourself in these movies, you'll discover some of the most haunting scores ever composed. You can find amazing music in films like 'The Beyond', 'Zombie', and 'Phantasm'. SAVINI EFFECT was formed in 2007 by four guys with one common interest: Horror Movies. All members had always been into Horror (and Science Fiction), but were unaware that each other played musical instruments. Once it dawned on them, they quickly started learning these musical scores, drawing particularly from the Italian Horror genre (Giallo). Composers such as Goblin, Fabio Frizzi, and most notably, Morte Macabre became the initial fountain of inspiration. After a short hiatus and several auditions, they found progrocker and drummer Paul Farvour in late summer 2008. Paul brought to the group talent the likes of Agostino Marangalo and Alan White, as well as basic synthesizer skills. If horror/sci fi flicks arouse your interest and you want a different musical experience, check out SAVINI EFFECT!

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