Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Who Is WildClaw?

Some have asked, "Who is this bunch of lunatics called WildClaw Theatre?" Well, here are a few brief snapshots into their daily lives to let you see them as more than just artists dedicated to bringing horror to the Chicago stage.

Charley Sherman (WildClaw Artistic Director) and victim, Tony Akins (Comic Book Artist)

Paul Foster (WildClaw Literary Manager, Technical Director, Graphic Design) and Allison Greaves (WildClaw Costume Mistress and Podcast Queen)

Brian Amidei (WildClaw Managing Director/Zombie) and Nora O'Sullivan (Horror Cutie)

Aaron Christensen (Dr. AC and WildClaw Director of Audience Development) and Anna McKibben (Scream Queen)
Photo by Jessica Wells

Anne Adams (WildClaw Casting Director and Director of The Revenants)
Photo by The Devil's Candy Store

Charlie Athanas (WildClaw Graphics Designer, Webmaster, Set Designer) and a vampire.

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