Monday, June 24, 2013

R.I.P. Richard Matheson -- And Thanks for Opening My Eyes... Again!

The world has lost a legend in the true sense today with the passing of American author and screenwriter, Richard Matheson. Based on what I was reading from other friends about Richard's passing and the significance of his work, I was initially a bit ashamed when I thought about how little I thought I knew about him as a writer/author. However, that all changed when I peeked at his wikipedia page and I was taken aback at how much his work has been a huge part of my life -- not just with the classics like I am Omega, The Last Man on Earth, The Incredible Shrinking Man, The Legend of Hell House, Trilogy of Terror, but with more recent fun, scares and schlock like Jaws 3-D, Stir of Echoes, and Real Steel.

Thanks to my mother, I grew up on horror and sci-fi, mostly film and television (as I was never really too keen on reading), and I have always enjoyed being swept up in these fantasy worlds and stories that have been unfolding before me. Sadly, I am realizing, that I have never paid much attention to the people behind the stories. In more recent years, I believe age and experience have begun to open my eyes to the masters behind the magic. My involvement in independent film and theatre production, as well as surrounding myself with more creative types, has taught me to truly appreciate the the creators as well as the creations. So to you, Mr. Matheson, thanks again for opening my eyes as a child and filling my world with wonder and creeping me out, thank you for inspiring others with your work, and thank you for reminding me that the magic needs to start somewhere, and without it, my life would be pretty damned boring.

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Factory Theatre's 'Namosaur Launch Party TONIGHT!

Chicagoans! Tonight is the launch party for the newest show by WildClaw fiend of the family (yes, you read that right) The Factory Theatre! From 6 pm to 9 pm, join the 'Claws at Chief O'Neill's to enjoy delicious food and drinks, play games, enjoy the vocal stylings of Factory house band The Cain Mutiny, and witness the premiere of the trailer for 'Namosaur! An epic journey into the Heart of Darkness...with dinosaurs.

From the Facebook invite: "Something is picking off the members of Fox Company. What's out there? Bigfoot? Well yes, but he's the demolitions expert. What is in the jungle that is so frightening that even the Viet Cong cower in fear? Find 'NAMOSAUR!!!!!!"

Fifty percent of the restaurant tab for the night goes to benefit the production, which features WildClaw company member Ele Matelan, as well as rock 'em, sock 'em fight choreography by WildClaw collaborator (and part zombie) Matt Engle.

Hope you can join us!

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

World War me the Zombie....

So I think we have all heard about this movie about as much as we can take right?  The trailers instill the appropriate amount of dread but are coyly not showing any of the zombies clearly.  This seems a strange way to market a zombie film to me...I don't care how pretty Brad Pitt is...but your digitally animated pile of zombie's climbing a wall is not tempting me.  Show me the money please World War Z!  So the lack of clear shots of the zombies leads me to believe that they are either mind-blowing awesome and they want to save the face-eating magic for your first viewing in the theatre...or the suck hard (like I am Legend hard).  So what's it gonna be?  And then of course we haven't even touched on the fast or slow zombie debate...don't get my husband started on this one.

Or just read the book...

Tuesday, June 18, 2013


Join WildClaw in the great outdoors this summer as we gather by the fire at 3031 to hear three chilling new plays.  Sip on a beer, have a snack, and hear a scary story as the sun goes down and the firepit crackles...what better way to spend a Sunday night?

The series features plays by Joseph Zettelmaier, Brian Watkins, and Sarah Saltwick.  Each selection represents a different flavor of Horror than what WildClaw has done in the past.  We invite you to join us (and bring a minion!) to hear these exciting new plays read aloud by some of Chicago’s finest actors, and then stick around, have another beer, enjoy some haunting melodies and talk to us about Horror Theatre.  Did we mention there’s a fire?  There’s a FIRE.

The WILDCLAW IN THE WILD series will take place on the first Sunday evening of the months of July, August, and September.  (For you calendar-deprived souls and ghouls, that's July 7, August 4, and September 1).

Each reading will begin at 7:30pm at 3031 (3031 N. Honore); doors open at 7:00pm and there will be a special musical guest each month performing before and after the reading.  Suggested donation $5.

July 7
by Joseph Zettelmaier
directed by Matt Engle
Featuring Amanda Drinkall, John Ferrick, LaQuin Groves, John Henry Roberts, Dave Skvarla, and Greg Wenz
Dr. Seward has cut himself off from the rest of the world after losing his lover and friends to Dracula. He has been contacted by author Bram Stoker, who wishes to tell his story. Soon, a series of murders occur, very similar to the ones Seward fought to stop. The doctor must face demons both real and imagined to find the answers, at the risk of his sanity and his life.
Musical guest Mallory Nees!

JOSEPH ZETTELMAIER is a Michigan-based playwright whose radio play Fish Story won WildClaw's 2012 Deathscribe Bloody Axe Award.  He is a four-time nominee for the Steinberg/American Theatre Critics Association Award for best new play, first in 2006 for All Childish Things, then in 2007 for Language Lessons, in 2010 for It Came From Mars and in 2012 for Dead Man’s Shoes. Other plays include Ebenezer, And The Creek Don’t Rise, The All Childish Things Trilogy, Christmas Carol’d, Dr. Seward’s Dracula, Snow Angels, Blackwater Ballad, Night Blooming, Point of Origin, and The Stillness Between Breaths. The Stillness Between Breaths and It Came From Mars were selected to appear in the National New Play Network’s Festival of New Plays. It Came From Mars was a recipient of 2009’s Edgerton Foundation New American Play Award. Dead Man’s Shoes received the same award in 2011. In the 2013-14 season, he will see All Childish Things performed at the Aurora Theatre in Georgia, Salvage at First Folio Theatre in Illinois, The Scullery Maid at the Jewish Ensemble Theatre and The Renaissance Man at the Performance Network (both in Michigan).  Joseph is an Associate Artist at Performance Network, an Artistic Ambassador to the National New Play Network and an adjunct lecturer at Eastern Michigan University, where he teaches Dramatic Composition. He was profiled in the March 2012 issue of American Theatre Magazine.

Monday, June 17, 2013

Movies in the Park

Looking for something to do tonight?

Movies in the Park at Belmont Harbor present Alfred Hitchcock's masterpeice, The Birds, tonight, free of charge!

Get there by 8:30pm to witness a malicious full-scale attack by birds of all shapes and sizes.  Then, stay for the movie.

Thursday, June 13, 2013

DryHop Brewers opens in Chicago

Today is the day folks.

Today is the day that the corner of Belmont and Broadway changes for the better.

Today is the official opening of our very good friends, DryHop Brewers.

Congratulations to Greg, Brant and Pete.  I will see you tonight.

I am particularly fond of the Wheat IPA.

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Barsotti's FACING ANGELA Kicks Off

WildClaw's literary monster is at it again.  Scott T. Barsotti's newest play, FACING ANGELA, opens later this month at the Athenaeum Theatre.  The play, featuring WildClaw company member Casey Cunningham, just launched a Kickstarter campaign aimed at raising money for the makeup and mask team, led by WildClaw's fearless leader Aly Renee Amidei.  

From left, Casey Cunningham, Christine Vrem-Ydstie, and Susan Myburgh
consider the faces in the mirror.  Photo by Gerard Van Halsema.

Considering the warped nooks and crannies of Barsotti's brain, Aly and her team is in for a challenge.  If you're interested in contributing, click the Kickstarter link above.  The Ruckus has created an awesome video detailing the project and the work ahead.

Tickets to FACING ANGELA available now! 

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Going to a Stupid baby Shower? The perfect gift: Ken Hite's Mini Mythos

Babies...stupid adorable disgusting babies....
...we at WildClaw are getting to the age were all of our friends are having little squirmers of their own.  So you have to go to a billion baby showers and eat chicken salad and drink mimosas.  Yum.  But what to buy?  I prefer to give the gift of Horror whenever possible.  So try this as an option...Kenneth Hite's Mini Mythos series of children's stories retold with a Lovecraftian bent.  Adorable little elder gods abound.

-Where the Deep Ones Are...
-The Antarctic Express
-Cliffoord the Big Red God

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Lovecraftian Interweb Secrets Revealed

please don't feel bad if you don't understand why this is funny.  hell, you should probably feel good about yourself for not concerning yourself with interwebby nonsense.

you should be concerned about the Elder Gods, however.  always.