Saturday, May 30, 2009

Hard Boiled Records

Today, the lovely Ms. Greaves and I had brunch at the Four Moon Tavern and took a leisurely walk down Roscoe, poking about on a lovely Saturday afternoon, when we went into one of my favorite stores in the Chicago-land area. Hard Boiled Records.

Now I am not just saying this because Mark, the owner is a fan of WildClaw, came and saw and loved our show, and plugged it on his blog...although that did not hurt. I am saying this because honestly, this place has warmed my sick and twisted heart for years. Sci Fi, Horror, Martial Arts, the weird and the wacky, the sick and the twisted, if he does not have it, he can tell you where to get it. In fact, back in the day when Mark rented videos, that was the only place that I could find The Story Of Ricki Oh.

If you are not familiar with The Story of Ricki, well, here...

I needed it for a bachelor party. Porn and violence, you know, before the stripper arrived. The Bachelor was none other than our own Morlock himself. Anyhoo...

I searched all over creation and Mark over at Hard Boiled was the only guy who had it. Talking to him today, he recommended to me Ichi The Killer, which I will have to check out soon. While there, after browsing through tons of cool books, videos, and records, I picked up Clive Barker's The Great And Secret Show, which looks like a good summer read.

So, WildClaw's Blood Radio gives it's highest possible endorsement to Hard Boiled Records, located at 2010 W. Roscoe. They are open from 12-8 Tue-Frid, and Sat 12-6, and their phone number is 773-755-2619. The Claw highly recommends you stop by and check them out soon.

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