Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Four Revenants Performances Left

Laura Hooper as "Molly" in The Revenants
Photo by Kirstie Shanley

Do you love zombies?

Do you love Love?

Do you love zombie infestations, car crashes, blood-spattering headshots, Bozo, bloody biting, gun-fire, the song "Fly Me To The Moon", vomit, chainsaws, "Easy Rider", and getting eaten alive?

Then get your ass online and get your tickets to the most claustrophic, zombiest, bloody lovefest you'll see this side of Budapest.

Only four more performances of WildClaw's acclaimed zombie play, The Revenants, are left. When it's gone, you'll be slapping your head and saying, "What do you mean it's live and happens right in my lap? And when it's over, it's OVER? I can't see it?! Whadda ya mean I can't see it? Didn't you videotape it or something, I mean, it's two thousand and frickin' nine, man?" Nope. When it's gone, it's gone.

And hell, if one of the zombies gets loose and actually bites you, your ticket is free. Now - you can't beat that.

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