Friday, November 13, 2009

With This Bloody Axe, I Thee Wed...

So due to recent exciting events (which took place on appropriate), I have had weddings on the brain. BRAAAAINS!!! Many folks have asked me if we will be serving said sweetmeats at our rehearsal dinner...and while I love my horror, I am not that hardcore. But there are folks out there, God love 'em, that embrace the darkness all the way to the altar.

The obvious choice is to get married around Halloween and go whole hog with demon wings, fangs, and a hearse for your limo. The wedding dress could be a red medieval vampire gothic number and a matching red lined cape and top hat for your groom. For the more traditional types, take your cue from horror's funnest couple evah...Spike and Drusilla. Dru's cream empire waist dress would be a swell wedding inspiration and Spike is well...yummy. But if motorcycle boots and a long leather coat on your groom will leave your grandmother in tears, consider paying homage to William the Bloody's trademark look by wearing a red tux shirt unbuttoned, with a white t-shirt showing, stylishly punk skinny tux pants, and a killer black leather blazer. Don't forget the blondey bear bleached hair along with Drusilla's rockabilly glam coiffure and silent movie chic makeup! Heck, dress your whole wedding party to theme...your maid of honor could sport a signature Buffy Prophecy Girl dress or her prom look and the best man could go as tall dark and brooding himself...Angel. Get your officiant to put on the Master's costume or the Mayor of Sunnydale and you've got yourself a hootenanny!

"A hootenanny, well, it's chock full of hoot, just a little bit of nanny."
-Oz, Dead Man's Party:Buffy Season 3

If even that is pushing the limits of your family's weird threshold, keep the horror on the sidelines. Maybe the spooky comes through in subtle decorating choices, like bare tree branch centerpieces with a blood red roses and a beaded spider. The wedding cake could be pristine in white fondant and beaded edges but perhaps there is an ever so delicate skull motif that reveals itself upon closer inspection. The Groom's cake is also a chance to have some dark fun as this is often where the couple can really get creative without familial backlash. So bake yourself a red velvet zombie head cake complete with oozy strawberry filling. Or make a traditional tiered cake a bit more sinister with a cake topper using action figures from Tim Burton movies, Night of the Living, and other horror flicks. Having a scary commitment ceremony? Just how cute would Freddy and Jason look locked in a torrid embrace?

Check out one of my favorite places, Etsy, for tons of horror wedding theme goods...anything from zombie cake toppers by Bellasmiles, skull cufflinks, and gothic wedding gowns.

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