Saturday, November 28, 2009

The Ninth Configuration Bar Brawl Scene

As a lady who is still somewhat new to horror, I am trying on many different movies, stories, worlds, images, etc. to see what truly scares the hell out of me.  What seems to be the verdict thus far?

Cruelty. The emotions and thoughts inside a human being before they act out a cruel act of violence.

As I am knee deep in preparations for directing William Peter Blatty's LEGION, I am researching, reading and watching everything Blatty related, and came across this scene from The Ninth Configuration. Stacy Keach is wonderfully terrifying in this scene! This scene is just another confirmation to me about why Blatty is such a fascinating story teller. The worlds he chooses to explore are amazing to me.

-Anne Adams

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Charlie said...

The Ninth Configuration is an amazing mindfuck of a movie. The bar scene is right up there with the Near Dark bar scene as an ode to dynamics. These days (Old Coot Mode: engage NOW) if you get a fight in a bar, all it takes is one punch and it is a flurry of activity and wire tricks and quick cuts until everything has been demolished in 25 seconds.

These two afore-mentioned bar scenes take their sweet time and play like a well-executed NIN song.