Friday, November 13, 2009

THE HOUSE OF THE DEVIL opens tonight at Music Box!

Opening tonight at the Music Box Theatre

THE HOUSE OF THE DEVIL (2009) , directed by Ti West

Here's what Dr. AC has to say:

Having not yet seen indie horror contender Ti West’s other flicks (The Roost, Triggerman), I cannot vouch for the buzz on the street that his latest effort represents a quantum leap in quality and skill. I can, however, attest that both of these qualities are present in spades throughout the entirety of this ’80s-infused tale of babysitters and Satanists.

Fresh-faced Jocelin Donahue stars as a cash-strapped college student who accepts a gig watching creepy couple Tom Noonan and Mary Woronov’s elderly mother while they are out for the evening, against the protests of bubbly gal pal Greta Gerwig. While the subject matter and isolated setting don’t set any records for originality, West’s slow-burn build of tension and dread-filled atmosphere is quite impressive, as is his ear for dialogue.

Veterans Noonan and Woronov sink their teeth into their juiciest genre roles in years, while newcomers Donahue and Gerwig make for a delightful pair of innocents. One of the better fright films of 2009.

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