Thursday, November 19, 2009

Unrealized Films, Kickass Poster Art

Our fellow fiend and blood brother Will Wilson sent us a couple sweet posters (back when you could get a movie greenlighted on the strength and "hook" of a poster's artwork) of films that took out ads in Variety, but that was as far as they got.

THE COMING was a Robert Fuest project written by Michael Winder that was to have also featured, in addition to Cushing and Bach, Burgess Meredith and Anthony Franciosa. Vincent Price mentioned this in a Fangoria interview, indicating his PHIBES director had sent him the script (Price described it as a "mishmash") and that he'd passed on the project.

From May, 1985 (this ad also ran in Fangoria around the same time). You gotta love that tagline, "He emerged from the depths of Lake Erie...and ate everything in sight."

Never any arguing the appeal of a giant snake (or alligator or gila monster...) And one based on a novel by the fella who wrote THE TAKING OF PELHAM 123, no less.

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