Tuesday, November 24, 2009

MAIL ORDER ZOMBIE: undead and on the air...

WildClaw's own Dr. AC ran into the good folks of Mail Order Zombie while down in Cincinnati this past weekend at the HorrorHound Weekend convention (more on that to follow). Yes, apparently those flesh-filleting rotters are not content with their presence in film, TV, literature and bowling alleys - now they've taken to the airwaves.

Mail Order Zombie is a weekly podcast show devoted to straight-to-DVD zombie movies as well as zombie movie music, post-apocalyptic literature (with or without zombies) and theatrical zombie movie releases and will soon be celebrating their 100th podcast episode. Episode 94 focuses on Jake West's (Evil Aliens, Razor Blade Smile) latest, Doghouse, while Episode 95 unearths the moldy 1987 VHS class-sick The Video Dead, doling out the Headshot ratings with deadly accuracy.

MoZ also features interviews with zombie movie personalities, Zombie Aptitude tests and more. Every week, Brother D, Miss Bren, Need-a-Nickname Scott and the gang bring the reviews and undead news you can use while MOZ Presents: The Munchies covers non-zombie genre topics and movies.

Visit these sloppy souls today at http://mailorderzombie.com/, or contact them directly at mailorderzombie@gmail.com (email) (206) 202-2505 (voicemail). Tell 'em the 'Claws sent ya!

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