Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Pathological Hyperphagia

be careful out there. it's a dangerous time.

it's easy to fall into sinful, gluttonous habits, and you never know when John Doe is behind you.

gypsy curses are not covered by your new health insurance plan, so don't count on a magical purge after you over-indulge

and when you start to feel that bloated, crampy feeling, let's hope it's not this

but don't reach for the Alka Seltzer either: "... Almost immediately, she doubled up with severe stomach pain, the gas from the fizz having apparently stretched the stomach to its breaking point. Within 14 hours, the woman died. The case study, reported in the December 1941 Annals of Surgery, is accompanied by a detailed half-page illustration of her stomach, replete with a gaping five-inch-long rupture, that is enough to put anyone off his supper. Well, almost anyone." salon.com

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Trelbee said...

Damn, and we just picked up a big, juicy 18lb. facehugger for Thursday...