Friday, February 26, 2010

Ladies to Know...Horror Fiction and Black History Month

(Kick Ass Vampire Huntress Painting by Kick Ass Dave Dorman!)

Okay, so being a lady...and a decidedly pasty one...not only am I often reminded that horror is basically dominated by the menfolk...but the pasty white menfolk at that. So as Black History Month nears it close, I just wanted to give a shout out to the several FABULOUS African American Ladies of horror out in the world that you should be reading!

Tananarive Due writes novels about Ethiopian Immortals and supernatural thrillers as well as a civil writes memoir.

L.A. Banks has vampire huntress series and the crimson moon werewolf series. She is also super awesome and nice. We have even interviewed her..go listen to it.

Chesya Burke has several published horror short stories.

There are more...and your mission is to seek these writers out and read them. Do you have someone else that you love and want to recommend to us? Please let us know. Support horror but more importantly, support horror writers and creators with lady parts. Don't make me come find you...


Lauren Johnson said...

My family and I laughed when we first saw Twilight, not because of the story but because of all the teens and tweens out there, we knew they were missing out on the other darker/horror side of vampires and werewolves.

Even though I don't write horror, or have learned to yet, I hope that these author will inspire more authors to write something they love.

I met Ms Banks back in October and I've been writing more often lately. She's like a charge of inspirational energy.

Charlie said...

If you want passionate fans, these authors have them. They all have extremely devoted followers and they have built worlds of horror that essentially kick-ass and take names.

alyrenee said...

Thanks for sharing Lauren!