Wednesday, February 24, 2010

DAY OF THE DEAD screening this weekend at Facets!!

Facets Multimedia
1517 W. Fullerton Ave.
Chicago IL 60614

Saturday, February 20, midnight
Zombies, Humanity and George Romero's Third Zombie Classic

Patrick Ogle's reappraisal of the underappreciated undead favorite:

Directed by George Romero

"A fitting conclusion to a remarkably astute series, a landmark in the horror genre" - TimeOut London

"Beginning from a position of absolute misanthropy, Romero asks what it means to be human, and the answers are funny, horrifying, and ultimately hopeful" - Chicago Reader

In the third and final installment in George A. Romero's Dead trilogy (preceded by Night of the Living Dead and Dawn of the Dead), the walking dead have taken over the world. Only a small band of scientists and soldiers remain and have taken refuge in an underground missile silo, where a borderline mad scientist attempts to control the hordes of zombies by experimenting on them. Fueled by fear, claustrophobia and a power struggle between the soldiers and scientists, all hell breaks loose and the remaining human survivors must engage in a horrific last ditch battle for life with thousands of the walking dead. Patrick Ogle will examine this zombie great and its relationship to the wave of undead cinema that followed.

Patrick Ogle is Facets' Media Relations Coordinator, and a PR person, promoter, recording artist and writer. A humor, business and travel writer for the Miami Herald for 6 years, Ogle is a native of Florida which is positively awash in zombies. Previous Facets Night School classes taught include "Cemetery Man: The Last of the Great Italian Knock-Offs" and "Fulci's Zombie: Brains or Entrails?"

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