Friday, February 26, 2010

Adore - the Cannibal Play

In the Garage Theatre at Steppenwolf Theatre company, XIII Pocket presents the play, Adore by Stephen Louis Grush. (Runs from February 18th through April 25th)

"Armin is a cannibal. It's a secret he's kept ever since he was a child -- to find another person that would never leave him. He never thought it would be possible, until Bernd stepped into his life. A willing victim was the only missing piece and now he has it.

Based off of the actual shocking events that made headlines, Adore challenges our simpler concepts and shows us love as an all-consuming act. Literally. Adore follows the desires, fears, and obsessions of two men willing to give themselves completely to their hidden passions however unthinkable they may seem to the rest of the world."

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