Wednesday, February 3, 2010


Dear Chicago theatre folks, if you’ve received an appeal for Orgie Award nominations, please consider nominating THE REVENANTS for overall production or any individual aspect:

Production - WildClaw Theatre
Directing - Anne Adams
Playwriting - Scott T. Barsotti
Acting - Brian Amidei, Ryan Patrick Dolan, Laura Hooper, Jenny Strubin
Set Design - Charlie Athanas
Lighting Design - Paul Foster
Costume Design - Aly Renee Greaves
Sound Design/Original Music - Mikhail Fiksel
Makeup Design - Sania Panayotova
Fight Choreography - Aaron Christensen
Blood Effects/Squibs - Ryan Oliver

WildClaw is a truly original company and thus, should win an Orgie!

PARTICIPATE IN OUR ORGIES This is year FIVE of awarding Orgies to original, daring, and sometimes over-looked theatre artists of the Chicago theatre community. Members of the Orgie Theatre Committee have fought, screamed, and passive-aggressively manipulated each other in order to decide the annual winners. Since we admire the unpredictable, this year we've decided to mix it up. The Orgie Theatre Committee is asking YOU to nominate the winners. What Chicago theatre artist(s) inspired you in 2009 with their innovation and fearlessness? The Orgie Committee will consider every nomination submitted, and select the final winners. To submit a nomination for theatre work produced between January - December 2009, please include for each nomination: - Name of artist(s) being nominated. Actors, directors, designers, producers, playwrights, ensembles, stage managers, ushers, or any other categories in theatre that you wish are eligible - Name of the show on which the artist worked - Theatre company which produced the show - And, in 25 words or less (more if you absolutely HAVE TO), tell us why this person/group inspired you. Why does this artist deserve an Orgie, as opposed to some other less exciting theatre award? What was unusual, unexpected, profound, edgy, and/or original about the artist's work? You may nominate yourself if you are so boldly and shamelessly inclined, but you must still follow the guidelines. No more than 3 nominations per person may be submitted Please email all nominations by February 20, 2010 to:

Over the last five years, the press reaction to the Orgies has tickled us. Christopher Piatt, former theatre editor of Time-Out managed to write kick-ass witty pieces about the Orgie winners every year. Hedy Weiss kindly tried to list the winners in her paper, but could not overcome her ethical reservations about our anonymity. Performink's Jonathan Abarbanel begged, teased, battled, insulted, and threatened us in an effort to get us to expose our identities. We refused, and the Orgie winners have never been published in Chicago's Performink. Meanwhile, American Theatre Magazine has faithfully announced the Orgie Theatre Award winners annually without complaint. The Orgie Theatre Awards announcement is emailed to thousands of Chicago theatre artists. The responses from the Chicago theatre community have been AMAZING, and moved some of our hardest-hearted members to tears. Thank you for your support. . Send us your nominations!! Mwah!! Questions/innuendos/bitter critiques/lavish praise:

ABOUT THE ORGIES The "Orgie" is an award to encourage original, innovative, risky, thrilling, inspiring, and possibly outlandish work in Chicago theatre. All theatre disciplines are eligible to receive an Orgie Theatre Award -- directing, acting, playwriting, music composition, ensemble work, lighting, sound, props, set design, artistic direction, producing, et al.
Winners of the Orgie Theatre Award will each receive a sealed award certificate and one hundred dollars. The Orgie Theatre Award committee is an anonymous collection of theatre artists and patrons. The name "Orgie" is taken from the word "original." To be granted an Orgie, a nominee must receive a majority of the committee's votes. The Orgie Theatre Award committee does not claim to be fair, unbiased, or reasonable. Our goal is to encourage a spirit of originality and adventure in Chicago theatre.

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