Friday, June 11, 2010

Strawdog's Plea Circus featuring Radio Plays Written by Me & Deathscribe Winner Chris Hainsworth!

Finally, a theatre company shameless enough finish out a season with a fundraising telethon.

Over two nights, four programs of our best original late-night material (and you don't have to stay up past midnight)! Our engaging and intriguing Hit Factory radio plays, original music from our shows, and personal essays, all mixed up with the most absurd and heartfelt pleas for money we can think of. And each night at 11pm, a new episode of Strawdog’s own Theatre Wars! Root for your favorite theatre companies as they compete for bragging rights and an ad in our program!

Features the Hit Factory pieces 'The Jazz Man of Jackson Square' by Aly Greaves and 'Remembrance' by Chris Hainsworth (both directed by Artistic Director Nic Dimond) as well as the personal essays 'One For Sorrow' by Anita Deely and 'How I Became A Robot' by Sean Mallary.

Features the Hit Factory pieces 'Schrodinger's Box' by Aly Greaves and 'Teeth' by Chris Hainsworth (both directed by Ensemble Member Jenny Avery) as well as the personal essays 'The Amazons' by Michaela Petro and 'Wheels of Steel' by Gregor Mortis.

Space is limited, so if you want to see it (and you do), get your tickets now!

If you don't live in Chicago, stay tuned for information on how to enjoy this event live on the internet! And if you can't attend but would like to help us keep doing what we do, please make a donation through Network for Good.

We'll have more updates soon! To make sure you've got all the latest news, add your name to the guest list on Facebook!

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