Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Mr. Morlock's Double Features

Here we have the audio/visual components of Mr. Morlock's post-prandial weekend recovery program.
Deadgirl and The Descent 2.

A fine double-feature, contrasting the two sides of the spectrum: woman as object, as meat, as sexual puppet, and "sisters doing it for themselves" underground ninjas.

In both cases, the menfolk come out looking pretty crappy.

Deadgirl is gritty, creepy and depressing. Well-enough done that you can focus on hating the characters, not the actors or script. Every live person in the film is horrible and deserves to get bit. Disturbing reminder of how dangerous and subhuman is the teenage male of the species. Haven't sympathized with a zombie as much since poor Bub in Day of the Dead.

The Descent 2. Basically more of the same - which ain't a bad thing, as Descent was a great flick. Until the critters showed up, and then it was merely a good flick. Here in 2, we don't particularly care about the current round of chud-fodder -- the fellows just seemed so shouty compared to the women in 1, but we do get a lot of cheap jump-scares here and three, count 'em, three gratuitous blood bukkake shots. And still the creepy crawlies seem vaguely incompetent and disgusting rather than scary. Rather like the teenage boys of Deadgirl.

So there you go: two quality digestive aids for your movie queue. Mr. Morlock might suggest these films might work better in a gender-homogenous screening. Otherwise, your viewing pleasure might be interrupted by regular "tsks" and "that Y chromosome makes you stupid, doesn't it?"