Friday, June 4, 2010

Stage Lights - Mr. Morlock sez go

It ain't exactly horror... in fact it's nothing like horror. But I'm sure there's some of y'all genre film fans out there who have a soft spot in your hearts for silent pictures.

And Charlie Chaplin is dead. So maybe convince yourself that this is a ghost story. Or a Zombie Tramp story.

Regardless, go see this show. This weekend only at the Theatre Building.

The clowning and character business is spot on. The story is unabashedly sentimental -- a good two thirds of the crowd were sniffling at the end of the show, and EVERYONE stood to applaud.

And as it's a "silent movie," the whole thing is underscored by FOWC and keyboard player for the DEATHSCRIBE house band, Seeking Wonderland, Mr. Scott Borchert, improvising ragtime ditties.

No fooling. Absolutely stellar.

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