Sunday, April 26, 2009

Women In Horror

WildClaw enjoyed the oasis that was the Portage Theater amid the monsoon that struck Chicago on Saturday. We were there for Horror Society's Women In Horror filmfest. The Revenants' director, Anne Adams, promoted the hell out of her play to the delight of zombie fans at the event.

Aly Renee Greaves and Anne Adams

While there, we met the folks from Dark Rider Filmworks and the Dark Carnival filmfest.

Aly Renee Greaves and Anne Adams, both WildClaw company members, made some great contacts with Molotov Theatre's Tara Garwood from Washington, D.C.. Molotov Theatre is America's second oldest Grand Guignol theatre. Needless to say, these women of horror had a lot to talk about.

Tara, Laura, Aly, and Anne

We also got to see Aaron Christensen's The Revenant's trailer on the big screen along with Ryan Oliver's preview for his upcoming film, She-Bang. As always, a big thanks to Chicago's Horror society for being such great hosts.

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