Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Strawdog Theatre's RED NOSES is a freaking great time!

I had the pleasure this past Sunday night to attend a performance of Strawdog Theatre's RED NOSES. Now, I know that honestly, self preservation dictates that I use this valuable blog space to plug for our production, Scott T. Barsotti's THE REVENANTS, currently running at 935 W. Sheridan. But, really, I need to take a moment here...

First of all, we here at WildClaw love Strawdog. We really do. We probably would not have made it this far without their generosity and support. Seeing as Aly Greaves is both, we are almost family. In-laws I guess. And, secondly, they are currently our neighbors, what with being at 3829 N. Broadway, a mere shamble away, easy access even for a zombie...

Thirdly, however...this show, RED NOSES, rocks. And I do not use that term lightly. Now, of course, a show dealing with death, plague, pestilence, and man's quest for and denial of humanity, perhaps it appeals to me right now, but, regardless...

The two hours and fifteen minutes I spent in the Strawdog Theatre space watching RED NOSES were the most enjoyable two hours and fifteen minutes I have spent in a theatre in years. It was the most fun I have had seeing a play about death and disease, ever. Ever.

There are too many highlights for my aged and drug addled zombie brain to list, but I will attempt a meager smattering. First and foremost, WildClaw's very own Aly Greaves' costumes are perfect. From the casual dress, through the cardinal and the pope right to Master Pestilence...they are perfect. Carmine "Duffy's Big Break" Grisolia, Shannon Hoag, John Moran, and Rob "Butterpants" McLean ought to start a band. I would definitely make a point of seeing that gig. Stephen Taylor, Anderson "Little Body" Lawfer, Eric "They are going to roast me on the 15th" Roach, and Kyle Hamman are hilarious, and Sarah Goeden is heartbreaking. I haven't even mentioned the malformed twins, the self-abuse, the infectious plague, the ravens, and...did I see zombies? Oh, and I cannot leave out the anchor of the show, John "F@#%stick" Ferrick.

I do not get super enthusiastic about shows that often. This one however, is a must see.

I have a great idea. Buy tickets to see THE REVENANTS Sunday matinee, and tickets to RED NOSES Sunday evening performance. In between go across the street and have some food and a margarita at El Mariachi. That might just be the perfect day of theatre, ever, in the history of the world. Just make sure to bring quarters for the meters.


J David Moeller said...

I've seen both "The Revenants" and "Red Noses" -in the same weekend- and cannot choose between them as to which I enjoyed more.

Chicago is blessed with thoroughly amazing talent and it is shows like these that highlight and perpetuate them and their careers.

There is not a single thing off in either production, except maybe the meat.

One can hope for Jeff awards and such, but having seen these shows is reward enough.

Fun, thought provoking, poignant, well acted, perfectly staged, impeccably timed, thrillingly absorbing, (insert your favorite glowing adjectives here).

Alex said...

Lots of quarters. That's a jam packed day, and at a buck an hour, well... you do the math.

Can't wait for the Zombies. Next Sunday... Make sure it's extra bloody