Thursday, April 23, 2009

She-Bang at the Portage Theatre

A quick aside from the love-fest that is The Revenants reviews:

Saw a sneak preview last night of a trailer that's going to be playing on the big screen at the Horror Society's "Women in Horror" event this Saturday at the Portage Theatre.

Y'all want to be there to see it. It's awesome.

It's a teaser for "She-Bang," a glorious, bloody, city-wide brawl among about twenty all-female gangs. Like "The Warriors" crossed with "The Big Doll House".

It's Ryan Oliver's baby. Yeah, that Ryan Oliver -- sick mind, FoWC, and Blood Jock extraordinaire for "Great God Pan" and "The Revenants". The trailer will be posted next week on his myspace page, along with tons of stills and on-set photography of some of the city's most beautiful and bad-ass ladies. Check it out.

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