Thursday, April 9, 2009

FEARnet needs your help!!!! Horror Fans Unite!!!

It has just come to our attention that Time Warner and Bright House Cable have dropped FEARnet from their programming line-ups. We have to send a message and let them know we're not going to sit here and let our horror channel go quietly into the night. As horror fans, we are many, and the many are Un-Frickin-Happy.

We want our channel back! We want horror 24/7. We want movies like the uncut Midnight Meat Train, Phantasm, Army of Darkness, Night of the Creeps and the 5 unaired episodes of Fear Itself! We want our FEARnet!

Time Warner and Bright House have decided to eliminate our on-demand access to horror, thriller and suspense movies 24/7. If you want to once again see FEARnet on your cable system, your cable operator needs to hear from you. Call 1-877-FEAR-247, FEARnet will connect you with your operator and you can let them know you want FEARnet back. NOW.

Click the link below and join the FEARnet petition or again, if you're a Time Warner or Bright House subscriber, call 1-877-FEAR-247. FEARnet will connect you with your local operator and you can let them know how you feel.

For the love of horror, do it today...

1 comment:

Scott Barsotti said...

Aaron that's a very frightening picture of you. That is you, right?

For once I'm happy to be with Comcast. I get 80% of my horror from FEARnet.