Sunday, April 26, 2009

The Revenants Opening Night Party

On April 20th, WildClaw Theatre opened it's third full production with Scott T. Barsotti's The Revenants. Directed by WildClaw company member Anne Adams, this "relationship drama - with zombies" features Brian Amidei, Ryan Patrick Dolan, Laura Hooper and Jenny Strubin. These are pictures from the Opening Night party.

Scott T. Barsotti (The Revenants writer) and Anne Adams (The Revenants director)

(r) Ryan Patrick Dolan (Gary in The Revenants)

(m) Jen Strubin (Karen in The Revenants), (r) Laura Hooper (Molly in The Revenants)

(l) David O'Brien (Asst Set Designer) (m) Coye Vega (Asst. Stage Manager), (r) Brian Amidei (Joe in The Revenants)

(m) Paul Foster (Lighting Designer)

(m) Charley Sherman (WildClaw Artistic Director)

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Dr. AC, Fool for Blood said...

I'm just gonna come right out and say it...

Casey Cunningham is hotter than a house afire. So while the hell did we saddle her with a pregnancy pad for WITCH HOUSE??????