Friday, March 20, 2009

This Season: Zombie is the New Black!

In the most recent episode of one of my new favorite podcasts, Comic Book Queers, the boys were discussing Marvel Zombies and someone mentioned that "Zombie is the new black for comic books" or even better, "Zombie is the new Zombie". What a fabulous expression and oh so true. Zombies have been busting out all over in the funny books these days. After the ridiculous success of Marvel Zombie, half the titles in the store are tossing a token zombie or two in their upcoming pages. Hell even the recent (and supremely awesome) Wonder Woman animated film had Amazombies! And they majestically kicked undead ass.

Check out this fabulous round up of the recent zombie comic mayhem... If you are asking, "But Aly...I love comics and zombies, where do I begin?" I say go straight to Image's Walking Dead. I don't actively read this one but it is the creme de la creme of zombie comics at the moment.

And if you want to introduce some fun zombie into your life...I am wild about Art Balthazar and Franco's Zombie Butler Roy character in the Grim Reaper Comics. Both Grim Reaper and one of their other comics, Patrick the Wolfboy, are hilarious, adorable, and also kid friendly for the Wildclaw Juniors out there. These guys are Chicago locals too so show them some love!

And of's that little black Zombie Dress for you...courtesy of Craftzine user Smarmyclothes!

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