Thursday, September 9, 2010

Stephen King's The Dark Tower series coming to a theatre near you, and your television.

Our good friend and newly christened Lifeline Theatre Company Member, pop culture expert Chris Hainsworth (whom WildClaw fans surely remember as Sheriff Raven from 'Dreams in the Witch House'), recently brought this to our attention.

Universal's unprecedented plans for Stephen King's 'The Dark Tower.'

Universal Pictures and NBC Universal Television Entertainment have closed a deal to turn Stephen King’s mammoth novel series The Dark Tower into a feature film trilogy and a network TV series, both of which will be creatively steered by the Oscar-winning team behind A Beautiful Mind and The Da Vinci Code.

Thoughts? Excitement? Trepidations?

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Broadcloak said...

I'm a huge Tower Junkie, and I feel like they're just doing this for all the wrong reasons. Reading interviews and articles with the production staff just makes me gag. It's not that I want to pick someone better (although it wouldn't be hard), it's just that no one should try to tackle this effort. Leave it alone, I say.