Thursday, September 9, 2010

Hachet 2

Fall. Have I mentioned how much I love fall? Football, leaves changing colors, and movies. Like, this one, coming out October 1st.

I am sincerely hoping that this one is a big huge hit, for I am not a fan of the PG-13 Horror movie. While there have been one or two which have been pretty good, most are, in my opinion, crap. Hatchet II going to be released unrated, the widest release of an unrated film in 25 years. And perhaps, if it does well...perhaps we will be able to see a trend away from making horror movies suitable for children, and towards seeing horror movies in the theater the way their creators intended.


Dr. AC, Fool for Blood said...

Ah yes, but did you see the first HATCHET? It was big and bloody, but that does not necessarily a good movie make. You can say that most PG-13 horror movies are crap, but guess what, most Hollywood-spawned R-rated horror movies are crap as well. Most Hollywood movies in general are crap. The amount of swear words, blood and nudity is not what horror is really about, is it? It's about creating a mood, sustaining it, delivering the fright factor - and there's no formula for that. Would PARANORMAL ACTIVITY been better with more boobs? Would DRAG ME TO HELL have been awesomer with a few more f-bombs? A rating doesn't have to mean crass commercialism, and I for one like it if a director can spook and/or entertain me without leaning on the flesh or the blood crutches.

Amidei said...

I was not speaking to the quality of the movie. I was speaking to the vision of the filmmakers. I think, particularly in the horror genre, that most, by a vast majority, are crap. DRAG ME TO HELL is the exception that proves the rule. I am not, in any way saying that horror movies need to be R, however, most PG-13 horror movies would have been better R (or PG for that matter), and it is obvious that it was a marketing and editing decision and not an artistic one that led to that decision. The 'formula' is to allow these movies to be released as they were intended to be seen, and not to have a pg-13 version come out to wide release only to have the actual, 'directors cut' become available when it reaches DVD.