Friday, September 10, 2010

Horror Anthology Submissions

The following is from our friend and DEATHSCRIBE 2008 celebrity judge, Mort Castle. We highly recommend finishing your DS 10 submissions before tackling this:


I am reading for ALL AMERICAN HORROR OF THE 21ST CENTURY: The First Decade. This will be an anthology of reprint stories originally published between October of 1999 and December of 2010. The tentative release date is spring of 2011.

Payment will be on a par with the reprint fees paid by most of the “Best of” anthologies and will be an advance against a pro rata share of royalties. I am particularly eager to see stories under 5,000 words, although I might consider exceptional stories of greater length, which have been published in venues which I might not have come across; this could include college literary magazines, pro and semi-pro genre magazines, and websites ...

Confession: Although I recognize some webzines do publish quality, I don’t spend days reading fiction on the internet; it’s this thing about my eyes going granulated.

And proclamation: Those who know me are already aware that I strive for quality in my own writing and admire the achievement thereof in the work of others. That means if a horror story is the literary equivalent of Ipecac and might well act in the same emetic way, it probably ain’t for me.

The book’s publisher, Wicker Park Press was established in 2002. Titles include Becky Thatcher’s AMAZON GIRL’S HANDBOOK; Leigh Hunt’s THE REBELLION OF THE BEASTS; Gene Logsdon’s THE LORDS OF FOLLY, and, forthcoming, CAVAFY’S STONE AND OTHER VILLAGE TALES, by National Book Award nominee Harry Mark Petrakis. Wicker Park Press is headed by Eric Lincoln Miller, a veteran 'book guy' and the current president of the National Association of Independent Publishers Representatives. The Wicker Park Press website:

For more information about submissions or anything else, please write to me at:

Looking forward to seeing great stuff.

Mort Castle

PS. You can get my additional thoughts on what is / isn’t “American Horror” by reading my online Storytellers Unplugged column for September 8.

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