Thursday, September 30, 2010

Help Dr. AC fight AIDS with SCARE-A-THON 2010

WildClaw's own Dr. AC is up to...good. Come see how easy it is to go from blood-loving horror fan to full-on philanthropist without breaking a sweat.

From the H101 blog:

Howdy folks,

If the calendar is to be believed, tomorrow is October 1. For the past few years, I have engaged in an annual tradition called the October Horror Movie Challenge. The rules of the Challenge are fairly simple: Watch at least 31 horror films during October, 16 of which must be first time views. (Last year was my highest mark yet, with 78 films.)

However, this October, while celebrating silver screen screams, I also hope to strike a blow against real-life horrors. In the spirit of a read-a-thon or a walk-a-thon, I plan to embark on SCARE-A-THON 2010 and I am asking for your help.

Season of Concern is Chicago-based organization that provides direct-care support for people living with HIV and AIDS. ( My request is simple: For every movie I watch, I am asking folks to donate one dime. Yes, a mere ten cents per scream. My goal is to watch somewhere between 60 and 80 films next month, which means that you would only be asked to contribute $6 -$8 – the price of a restaurant burger. However, if this is too steep, you could donate $0.05 or even $0.01 per film. Or you could even make a straightforward donation of whatever amount you deem viable. Every little bit helps and many hands make for light work. Together, we can make a big difference for someone out there who needs our help...

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