Tuesday, May 11, 2010

The Meatlocker

Mr. Morlock: often remiss. Rarely punctual. But when he sees something he likes, he's enthusiastic.


One last show this coming Friday. Bob Fisher's a nice guy, but sometimes nice guys deserve to suffer. So I think y'all should descend en masse and make him try to find extra seating. There really is no better way to see a show than laughing, squirming, cheering and wincing while being mashed ass to elbow with thirty strangers in a dark, creepy basement.

Have said it before, will say it again: absolutely dig what the Mammals are laying down. As awesome as the previous two pieces of the Noir Triptych were (Devils Don't Forget and Breed with Me) this show might be my favorite. Raw, intense, visceral, weird. Poetic words and imagery, but never precious, always gritty and true.

If you don't make it to the show this Friday, Mr. Morlock will accept part of the blame for not having the seen the show him self earlier and evangelizing. But if you miss the show and then do not resolve to keep the Mammals on your radar, then he will hunt down each and every one of your addresses, break in while you're not home and rub rotting flank steak on your pillows.

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Trelbee said...

Hrm. I think that cured me of my week long craving for steak...

But yes. Agreed. See this play because it's exactly what you have been wanting to see. And if you can't sit in the front row, sit in the very back on the stools. You're have a fantastic view, and you'll hurt for 24 hours afterwards.

Both of these things make the play even better, somehow.