Friday, January 15, 2010

Things I am tired of seeing in horror films...

They say there is nothing new under the's all been done before. Occasionally, someone will get lucky and present an old idea in a new way. But while watching yet another horror movie the other night and seeing the same old same old over and over...I would like to request a moratorium on the following tricks:

#1 Guy reveals that he is a demon/possessed/mummy by opening his mouth really really wide. See the Legion trailer...or as we at Wildclaw like to call it...the Legion-that-has-nothing-to-do-with-our-Legion movie

#2 Young Boy with white skin, hollowed out black eyes, creepy contacts...opens mouth and makes cat sound/dog sound/frog sound/bug sound...etc.

#3 Young girl with wet hair and bad dress.

#4 Twin children in old-timey clothes speaking in unison.

#5 Old ladies/old men who seem sweet/feeble/sick and then jump at you and eat your face off.

#6 Babies in carriages who seem cute and then eat your face off.

#7 Dogs/cats/people with upside down heads.

#8 Vampires presenting their fangs and hissing. Ridiculous.

#9 Ghost/zombie/dead/thing coming out of a tv/computer/mirror/window/water.

Here are some tricks, though used heavily, still creep me out every time I see them:

#1 Possessed/Dead people doing the creepy crab walk..especially if on the ceiling.

#2 Anything involving the removal or pulling of teeth and/or fingernails.

#3 Shock therapy.

#4 The cutting of an achilles tendon. Shudder.

#5 Eyes in places where their should not be eyes (like in your palms).

#6 Brain surgery or an exposed brain while someone is conscious.

#7 Creepy medical instruments.

#8 Foaming at the mouth.

#9 Compound fractures.

#10 Dudes in hazmat suits.


Scott Barsotti said...

Not a fan of frantic twitchy editing. ick.

I'm a sucker for levitation though.

alyrenee said...

Oh yes...the twitching thing used to get me (like in House on Haunted Hill)..but not so much anymore.

I am also getting tired of 3-d.

Mr. Morlock said...

upside-down head thing is scary? Tom Tucker's kid on Family Guy might be a little off-putting, considering his bad attitude, but scary?

I'm tired of the cheap startle. is the bad guy in the mirror? is the bad guy in the mirror. close the medicine cabinet and no... the bad guy isn't in the mirror. whew, turn around -- THERE HE IS!

actually, I'm tired of still getting suckered by it and jumping.

vicjoy1945 said...

The "vampire hissing" is a bit old but I must say that I'll never tire of Christopher Lee's entrance in "The Horror of Dracula" with fangs bared, bloodshot eyes ablaze, blood streaming from his mouth and...yes...hissing ! THAT is still cool !!

baby tiger said...

I could not agree more with each and every one.