Friday, January 22, 2010

Hard Boiled, Hainsworth & Klein

strange connections.

so last night, Mr. Morlock treated himself to evening alone with a VHS loaned by the worthy Charley Sherman, WildClaw Artistic Director and adaptor of the upcoming ">Legion" - William Peter Blatty's Legion, not the current goofball film "Legion," which blatantly steals that lovely moment of the old lady crawling across the ceiling.

So the film last night - "Hard Boiled." Top shelf pre-Hollywood John Woo. Fantastic, operatic shoot-em up. Obviously not horror, but something about the film was eerie...

As he refilled the paper bag with the last of his precious Easy-Off, Mr. Morlock realized what was bothering him. Chow Yun Fat. Awesome, of course. Super bad-ass, especially when squinting or sneering or pretending to play clarinet.

Then Mr. Morlock visualized him wrestling with giant rubber tentacles and suddenly it came clear: Chow Yun Fat is the Chinese Chris Hainsworth.

Hainsworth never pretended to play the clarinet, but he's been know to pretend to sing. And I doubt Chow Yun Fat could rock the bleached blond rock star 'tude like FOWC, alumnus of "Dreams in the Witch House", winner of the 2009 DEATHSCRIBE Bloody Axe Chris Hainsworth can.

Which of course reminded Mr. Morlock that he plans to see " The Artist Needs a Wife " this weekend. He knows it won't be creepy awesome like "Breed With Me," but it will funny, weird awesome. Featuring people like Hainsworth, directed by FOWC Carolyn Klein, the beautiful, creepy witch in who's house we all Dreamed, Mr. Morlock has no doubts his evening will rock. Hope yours does as well.

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