Saturday, January 23, 2010

Kreepy Krawly essay contest - Win $10,000!

Thanks to our good friend Kreepylady Kristin for passing this info along!

Spook House Logistics Ltd. is looking for some spooky help. They are offering a contest to help create "Edgar Krawly," the creepy horror host of their haunted house attraction (currently under construction).

13 lucky finalists will win a prize package retailing around $650. Winner receives $10,000!

Send in the $29.11 entry fee along with your brilliant 500-word essay on just WHO Edgar Krawly is, where he came from, and just what the heck he does with all those stolen brains??? How does he enter haunted buildings these days, and in turn, why do folks who enter said haunts get blasted with dark visions of the utmost horror? What is the significance of the digits "29.11?"

Contest runs from Jan. 16, 2010 to June 16, 2010. Contestants must be 18yrs or older to enter, if not, they must send in essay co-signed by a legal guardian.

"PRIZES: We've put together an exciting line-up of prizes to be awarded to the 1st Place Winner, 2nd Place Winner, 13 Finalists, Top 50 Entrants, and even a $100 "Golden Stinker" Prize for the "worst, best effort."

For more information and to read about the celebrity judges (including Rue Morgue's Rodrigo Gudino, actress Brinke Stevens, author Briane Keane, Haunt guru Leonard Pickel, FX artist Robert Kurtzman & more!), visit

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