Tuesday, December 15, 2009


The nights are silent...and getting silenter. Hope you're enjoying the Doc's Chrismas Carnage thus far. But wait, there's more...

P2 (2007)

When workaholic Rachel Nichols is trapped inside her office car park late on Christmas Eve, she finds herself terrorized by unhinged security guard Wes Bentley.

Freshman director Franck Khalfoun (working from a script developed by himself, Gregory Levasseur and Alexandre Aja) succeeds in developing a laudably suspenseful yarn – cleverly subverting the presumed safety of the modern office environment while exploiting the shadowy, echoing eeriness of a deserted parking garage.

Bentley makes for an amusingly over-the-top psycho, peppering his “seductive” M.O. with limb-flinging tantrums, while Nichols does well in her transition from babe-in-peril to resourceful heroine.

There are also a couple of surprisingly nasty and gory set-pieces that bump this TV-movie thriller up a notch into full R-rated territory.

If you keep your expectations low and your spirits high, this turns out to be a rather satisfying, slick and silly exercise in holiday horror. Enjoy!

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Pain said...

This turned out to be far better than I had hoped. Was a decent, well paced thriller that I have watched a few times now.