Sunday, December 20, 2009

Great Unknown Horror Novels Vol. 1 - The Delicate Dependency

Michael Talbot's 1982 "Novel of the Vampire Life" is an example of a fantastic horror novel which few people know about. It's author passed away at the age of 38 in 1992 and he was apparently more known for a book called The Holographic Universe, which explores the notion that the universe is a hologram. I discovered The Delicate Dependency in a used bookstore in the 80's when I was very much into vampire mythology and thought it was a terrific addition to the subject. I've since lost the book, and will have to fork out quite a bit of money to get a used copy, but it is well worth it. Anyone out there read it?


Rosa said...

I read the book many years ago, and was quite taken with it. It holds a place of honor on my shelves. Since I am such an avid reader I seldom read twice, although I keep them. This one, I have read numerous times, and recently found out how rare it is. I hope you find it. GoodReading, Rp

Will Errickson said...

Reading it now, quite enjoying it! I was able to find not one but two used copies of it for cheap last year.