Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Crap or Class - Building a Horror Library ( and why Zombie Strippers doesn't suck )

Waiting out the traffic after work today, stopped at Half-Price Books. Again. Seriously addicted to that place. Had to face a moral decision that's been prodding my half-rotted brain for a while.

As I stood with "The Descent" in one hand and "Freddy Vs. Jason" in the other, asked myself, "who's this for?" Are my tapes and vids a library to which I turn on cold, lonely winter nights, or is it a collection that I proudly display on those happy occasions I entertain guests in my hovel?

Not that "The Descent" is a super-classy, show-my-encyclopaedic-knowledge-of-the-genre film like, say, "The Ninth Configuration" might be, but it does shows that the guy who proudly displays all three Jurassic Park films on VHS on his shelf might have a little something going on.

So does one build one's vid library for those sweat-pants, nursing-a-beer nights? Or does one stock it with crowd-pleasers and lady-killers, like "Zombie Strippers" and "Cemetery Man?"

Wait, are those guilty pleasures or cool display pieces for the house guests? Hmm. Perhaps I'm looking to solve the wrong problem.

Perhaps I should not be filtering my movie buying habits, but instead instead should be filtering my house guests. Invite only those friends who consider "Martin" and "Roger Rabbit" as signs of good taste, and "The Hunger" and "Cemetery Man" as signs of immanent foreplay. I like those kind of friends.

Mr. Morlock will have to ponder this further. As he lounges in sweat pants, nurses a beer, and watches... "The Descent." Slightly classy, and dead sexy.

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