Friday, September 25, 2009

Horror Comics & Fall TV

So, it's that special time of year fall television. Not a huge amount of horror offerings sadly. Supernatural has already started and it's been extremely kick ass so far. I have watched one episode of Vampire Diaries...meh, but there is one extremely hot dude on the show which might keep me coming back a few more times. I watched Eastwick on wednesday and it also gets a meh...actually less than a meh. Neither spooky, nor sexy, nor very funny. I do love the actor playing the Jack Nicholson role, Paul Gross. He was awesome on Due South and Slings and Arrows! In the sci-fi market, Fringe has hit the ground running and Joss Whedon's Dollhouse starts tonight! I am a fan of both shows.

I am also a big fan of the floppy pages. Yes horror friends, when television leaves you wanting for more, please consider the comic book for your entertainment pleasure. There are TONS of horror comics out there and many of them are damn good. I called over to our wonderful Deathscribe sponsor, Comix Revolution, to find out what was popular in their store.

Walking Dead! -Folks living through a Zombie apocalypse. 'Nuff said!

30 Days of Night- You saw the movie...the comic is WAY better...and there are tons of these.

Zombies vs Robots! I have this book. It's awesome. The art by Ashley Wood is STUNNING. Highly recommended.

DC: Blackest Night- if you like your superheroes...and you love your zombies...then have I got the Green Lantern event for you. I have heard nothing but good things about this series.

Clive Barker Comics Galore! Mr. Barker totally delivers a great comic experience. He has a new book called Seduth from IDW.

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