Thursday, September 17, 2009

27th Brussels International Fantasy Film Festival REVEALED!!

While we oftentimes tend to focus on goings-on in our own Windy City backyard (and trust me, there's plenty enough to keep us busy - it's a blessing and a curse, lemme tellya), this being the WORLDWIDE web, and being that WildClaw fans are everywhere, we are occasionally granted the proverbial-fly-on-the-proverbial-wall vantage point for an event or happening that we might never seen firsthand.

At times like these, we are truly thankful for such friends as Gert Verbeeck of Cult Reviews, who brings us a "YOU ARE THERE" perspective from the recently concluded 27th Brussels International Fantastic Film Festival (located in Belgium, for the geographically-challenged).

"Just mailing you with a little heads up. I just completed our overview of this year's BIFFF on Cult Reviews, loaded with reviews & pics. Thought you might be interested in giving it a peak. Together, Coventry & I tackled 47 movies!

Here's the festival's main overview page on CR. Everything (reviews & pics) can be found (and accessed via links) on this page:

Here's a 'little' note I wrote about it (including direct links to mini-reviews):

Hope you'll have fun with all the stuff in this overview. I know there's some films you've already seen (I recall you liking DEADGIRL too), but I'm sure you'll find some additional interesting films on there."

Thank you for sharing, Gert! Everyone, enjoy!

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