Friday, September 11, 2009

ALIEN (1979) and ALIENS (1986) screening at the Music Box!

This week at the Music Box, two of the greatest sci-fi/horror flicks of all time!


New 35mm Print! DTS Sound!

Director Ridley Scott’s breakthough film, an immensely successful blend of horror and science fiction, is a classic in both genres and spawned a host of sequels and imitators. Starring Sigourney Weaver as warrant officer Ellen Ripley, ALIEN focuses on the crew of the space cargo ship Nostromo, which lands on a moribund planet in response to a faint SOS. Inside a crashed ship, the crew members come upon strange pods, one of which spews forth a repellently fleshy insectile creature that locks on to the face of the unlucky Kane (John Hurt).

Critical Reaction:

“STILL THE BEST SCI-FI ACTION-HORROR FILM EVER MADE! Alien was that rare moment in Hollywood history when artistry and jump-out-of-your-seat thrills collided.” — Flavorpill

“4 STARS! Still vibrates with a dark and frightening intensity.” — Roger Ebert

“Never lost its ability to terrify… DON’T MISS THE CHANCE TO SEE IT ON THE BIG SCREEN!” — New York Magazine

Running Time 116 min

Friday, September 11 5:00pm · 7:20pm · 9:40pm ·
Saturday, September 12 2:30pm · 5:00pm · 7:20pm · 9:40pm ·
Sunday, September 13 2:30pm · 5:00pm · 7:20pm · 9:40pm ·
Monday, September 14 5:00pm · 7:20pm · 9:40pm ·
Tuesday, September 15 5:00pm · 7:20pm · 9:40pm ·
Wednesday, September 16 5:00pm · 7:20pm · 9:40pm ·
Thursday, September 17 5:00pm · 7:20pm · 9:40pm ·


see ALIENS (1986) at midnight on Friday and Saturday, September 11 & 12!!!

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