Friday, September 11, 2009

The Devil's Candy Store and DEATHSCRIBE '09

The Devil's Candy Store is one of DEATHSCRIBE 2009's premiere sponsors and their support, along with our other sponsors will allow WildClaw to put on a kick-ass show Oct. 5th at the Music Box Theatre.

Dave Dorman's cover for the L. A. Banks' concept art book, Vampire Huntress Legend

WildClaw's graphic designer, Charlie Athanas is the co-owner of TDCS along with Denise Dorman. It is a virtual design studio that has a roster containing some of the most recognized names in illustration and concept art, along with writers like Kevin J. Anderson of the Dune sequels. Their mission is to bring you "exotic contraband from impossible worlds" and they have some big plans up their sleeve. Big plans. Stayed tuned.

Craig Elliott's painting won the Gold Medal for Editorial in the upcoming Spectrum 16 Annual of Fantastic Art

Charlie Athanas has created the posters for WildClaw Theatre's productions

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Anita said...

Hey Wildclaw! I can some to Deathscribe on October 5th. yay and yay. last year, i missed it (boo-urns). i am so excited for many reasons (nic dimond and chris hainsworth are in the mix) but also because i love radio plays! and the music box theatre is perfect because it looks like it could be haunted.