Monday, January 10, 2011

This Week in Horror: TECH HELL

Tech week is always hell: long days, dark theatre, unwise food decisions.

But tech for CARMILLA has been the exception.

Attitudes were great, problems were solved and you know why? Because everyone knows we have an absolutely KICK ASS show on our hands.

Mr. Morlock's biggest headache this weekend was the fact that any time we dealt with cues or scenes involving Carmilla's mother (played by the kick ass Erin Myers) that damned Danzig song would get stuck in his brain. Every time. And everyone else had long since had their snicker, did their Danzig impression, and moved on. Mr. Morlock couldn't. All respect to Glenn, but seriously... hell.

Carmilla opens this Friday. Hope to see you there. And come to the screening of Let's Scare Jessica to Death on the 19th -- great movie, big fun!

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