Friday, January 28, 2011

Cult Fiction - The Dark Hunt - tonight!!

From our good friend Jude Mire over at Killer-Works:

Lucky Number Grill
1931 N Milwaukee Ave, Chicago, IL, 60647-4320
(773) 235-7761

Here it is! Our third Cult Fiction show! This one brings you more creepy goodness than you can shake a tentacle at! We've got horror stories! We've got awesome actors reading! There's a sexy mid-show burlesque! There's a not quite as sexy but still equally awesome band playing after the stories! There's freaking S'mores! Facebook event details "HERE". Spread the invite!

* 8:00 - Doors Open, DJ 3RIC starts in with the atmosphere.

* 8:30 - Act One Begins
o The Rites of Passage: A hunter stalks strange prey at the end the world.
+ Written by Mike Martinez
+ Read by Christopher Skyles.

o Halfway to Shore: A search reveals a terrible punishment for the future.
+ Written by Michael Penkas
+ Read by C.S.E.Cooney

o Inhabitant: Some real estate is better left un-sold.
+ Written by Jude W. Mire
+ Read by Kalina "Kitten" McCreery

* Mini Intermission: S'mores and Booze!
* 9:15 - MiaMorte provides amazing transforming werewolf burlesque!
* Mini Intermission: Booze and S'mores!

* 9:30 - Act Two Begins
o Blue Eyes: A feral lust takes a dangerous turn.
+ Written by Brendan Detzner
+ Read by Kiersten Thomsen

o Menders Bounty: The cost of health care just got deadly.
+ Written by Eric Cherry
+ Read by Amanda Eaton

* Intermission: Last chance at the S'mores, Lauren pours more drinks, and DJ 3RIC sets the tone.

* 10:30 - Art Galt's Widow take the stage by force and play until their fingers bleed! Or, maybe they just go on stage and play until they finish. Be there and find out!

There you have it! All this for five measly bucks! Not even nice crisp ones. We're not picky. We're good with measly ones. See you there horror fans!

Long live the cult!

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