Friday, August 13, 2010

Southern Fried indie horror headed for MTV?

From Commercial Appeal, Memphis, TN

The made-in-Memphis MTV horror flick Savage County is likely to air on the MTV2 network this Halloween season. Originally slated to be shown as a series of 7-to-9-minute "webisodes" on, in the manner of Craig Brewer's "$5 Cover" (which debuted online and on television in May 2009), Savage County has been repositioned as a made-for-TV "indie horror film," according to MTV Communications director Kurt Patat.

In a campaign being managed by (the company that helped turn the no-budget shocker Paranormal Activity into an Internet and box-office phenomenon), fans are asked to visit and "demand" to see Savage County on MTV.

Written and directed by David Harris of MTV New Media, Savage County is the violent Tobe Hooper-esque tale of a group of Texas teenagers stalked by a family of vengeful rustics after a bloody prank-gone-wrong. Prior to its Music Television debut, Savage County likely will have its official world theatrical premiere during the Indie Memphis Film Festival, which runs from Oct. 21-22. For more info, click HERE

Visit to give the flick a (severed) thumbs up.

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