Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Kitley's Krypt MYSTERY PHOTO # 54

Another week, another MYSTERY PHOTO!

Jon Kitley, pillar of the Chicago Horror Community and head honcho over at KITLEY'S KRYPT, wants to challenge your horror knowledge. Week in, week out, he posts a Mystery Photo - sometimes from an obscure horror title, sometimes just an unusual shot from a well-known classic. We figured our faithful Claw readers would enjoy the challenge!

Our last photo was from Joseph Ellison's 1980 shocker DON'T GO IN THE HOUSE, a psuedo-slasher flick about a killer who, rather than simply chopping his female victims up, torches them in his lead-lined basement lair. The resulting film is as mysogynistic and bleak as it sounds, but for a low budget flick the effects are startlingly effective and the performances capable enough to not be distracting. Pictured is a scene where maniac pyro Dan Grimaldi is haunted by visions of his charred victims - wicked stuff indeed. Within the barrage of "Don't" films that littered the drive-in and grindhouse landscape throughout the early 80s, this is one of the more notable. Check it out.

Send your guesses to: jon@kitleyskrypt.com

Let's see how you fare with this week's selection:

If you provide the correct answer, your name will be announced next week on the Kitley's Krypt website (http://www.kitleyskrypt.com), along with a new photo. Even if you don't know the answer, we welcome any sorta-kinda educated guess! So, send in your emails today and good luck!

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