Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Horror Hospital and Red Noses

Watched Horror Hospital the other night - one of several hard-won prizes from the weekend's Monster Bowl. Got the assurance from Jon Kitley and Boss Man Sherman that it was a ridiculous and rewarding piece of dreck. And no surprise... those fellows know what they're talking about.

Marvelously over-, under-, and sideways- acted performances from everyone, including Batman's Alfred, Michael Gough. Long, painful scenes watching Skip Martin, a little person, struggle with props and doors and bodies. A shame we didn't see more of the main baddie -- he's dressed in a suit made entirely of hamburger.

Hunt it down, y'all. Don't know why it's also been released under the name "Computer Killer" -- it's as low-tech as a handful of rocks.

But it made a fine second part to Mr. Morlock's Sunday Double Feature. The first part being the remounted Red Noses at Strawdog Theatre. Truly a wonderful show. Do not let it pass by. See it.

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