Friday, April 16, 2010

LEGION is closing...I cry a single psychotic tear...

Some thoughts on the closing of LEGION:

1. This cast has been one of the best groups I myself have ever worked with. I think many in the group would echo that statement. I've looked forward to seeing these folks every week, and the fact that we're doing a play about murdered priests and the problem of evil has brought us that much closer.

2. Doing a play about murdered priests and the problem of evil is a great way to meet people.

3. I will be eternally thankful to Anne Adams for giving me a chance at playing Sunlight. It's the most fun (and most challenging) role I've ever had the pleasure of playing. I'm also completely physically wasted by the end of every show. She also wanted to punch me in the face several times during the process and didn't. So thanks for that, Anne.

4. WildClaw has the best designers in Chicago storefront theatre.

5. I sincerely wish Mr. Blatty could have seen the production because I think he'd be very pleased. It's hugely ironic to me (and also indicative of the Hollywood process) that Charley Sherman's adaptation of LEGION was actually truer to Blatty's book than Blatty's own screenplay which he then himself directed. Hard to believe thinking on The Exorcist 3 that Amfortas isn't present. Love Amfortas. Love Matt Engle as Amfortas. And the EVP! Oh the EVP!! Such great stuff, not to mention the whole discussion of duality, two souls, The Double. Regardless...wish he could have been here. Be a thrill to meet the hell of a writer.

6. That if someone wasn't already crazy when they put them in a straightjacket, the straightjacket would DRIVE THEM INSANE. No question.

7. Aly Greaves' concept for my makeup amazes me every night. After every show I come backstage, get out of my costume, and sit down to remove my makeup, and as soon as I look in the mirror I think, "Oh, fuck..."

8. Speaking of makeup, back in the dressing room after one of our Friday night shows, just before we announced it wide, Casey and I announced to our castmates that we were engaged. It wasn't until later that I realized I still had my mangled face on when I told everyone "Casey and I are getting married." Apropos to my life.

9. I was surprised by my own ability to crow like a rooster and bray like a donkey. Neighing like a horse however, is impossible for humans to replicate I've decided (eh, I'm sure someone can do it...)

10. I love WildClaw. I could not be happier to be a part of this company. Horse blanket.

Scott T. Barsotti
(Sunlight/Damien Karras)

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Trelbee said...

That was one of the best blogs yet. Thanks for sharing, Scott.